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We have the advantage of working with over 600 certified translators that is the reason why we can afford to give you faster service and great quality at excellent rates.

  • Experienced translators who hold advanced degrees and certifications by the ATA (American Translators Association) and major accrediting organizations;
  • Translations which are meticulously proofread, edited and notarized before they are released;
  • Translators who are experts in more than 80 specialized fields.
Partial list of some of the major languages we translate from and into:
Arabic Farsi Hindi Latin Spanish
Chinese Finnish Hungarian Polish Thai
Creole (Haitian) German Italian Portuguese Turkish
Czech Greek Japanese Romanian Ukrainian
Dutch Hebrew Korean Russian Vietnamese
Partial list of some of the fields of specialization:
Accounting Economics Information Tech. Patents Sociology
Advertising Education Law Pharmaceuticals Software
Art Engineering Literature Psychology Technical
Business Finance Marketing Real Estate Trademarks
Computers Immigration Medicine Science Travel


STANDARD SERVICE: 5 business days
RUSH SERVICE: 24-hour service (Please add 45%)

The minimum price for a one-page document (diploma, certificate, degree) for the most common languages is the following:

Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian:

$50 (5 business days)
$70 (24-hour)

Latin, Dutch, German and Turkish:

$70 (5 business days)
$100 (24-hour)

Hindi & Arabic:

$90 (5 business days)
$130 (24-hour)

Simply fax or email us a copy of the documents to be translated along with the free quote form (Click here for free quote form) or contact Summer Ruppert at (561) 807-6330 and we will provide you with a free fee estimate the same day of your request.